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lijn 30
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Route line 30

Routes and schedules

Line 20 through the city (not on 20-10-2019)

Haarlemmermeerstation D12.0014.00
Artis Zoo D12.3014.30
Mozes en Aäronstraat (Dam) D12.4514.45
Haarlemmermeerstation A13.1515.15

Starting on the first ride at Artis Zoo (12.30) or Dam square (12.45) and then returning on the second ride from Haarlemmermeerstation (14.00) is also possible.

Line 30 southbound

Route line 30
Haarlemmermeerstation D11.0011.352x per hour17.00
Remise Karperweg D11.0111.3617.01
Jan Wilsbrug D11.0311.3817.03
IJsbaanpad D11.0411.3917.04
Zuiderhof (Jollenpad) D11.1011.4817.10
Koenenkade D11.1211.5017.12
Van Nijenrodeweg D11.1312.5117.13
Kalfjeslaan D11.1611.5417.16
Amsterdamseweg D11.2211.5917.22
Karselaan D11.2412.0117.24
Molenweg D11.2512.0217.25
Station Amstelveen D11.3112.0717.31
Handweg D11.3312.0917.33
Bovenkerk A11.3912.1417.39

Line 30 northbound

Bovenkerk D11.2011.552x per hour17.55
Handweg D11.2612.0118.00
Station Amstelveen D11.2912.0518.03
Molenweg D11.3312.0918.07
Karselaan D11.3512.1118.09
Amsterdamseweg D11.3712.1318.11
Kalfjeslaan D11.4012.1918.15
Van Nijenrodeweg D11.4312.2218.18
Koenenkade D11.4512.2418.20
Zuiderhof (Jollenpad) D11.4712.2618.22
IJsbaanpad D11.4912.2818.24
Jan Wilsbrug D11.5112.3018.26
Remise Karperweg D11.5312.3218.28
Haarlemmermeerstation A11.5512.3418.30

(schedule subject to change)

Along the route you can exit or enter amongst others at Olympic Stadion (stop Jan Wilsbrug), visitors centre Amsterdamse Bos and Bosbaan (stop Van Nijenrodeweg), alternative entrances Amsterdamse Bos (stops Kalfjeslaan, Amsterdamseweg, Karselaan, Molenweg), Amstelveen dorp (stop Station Amstelveen), De Poel (stops Handweg en Noorddammerlaan).


The more than 7 km (4.3 miles) long train track that our museum trams normally run on is the last remaining part of the Haarlemmermeerspoorlijnen (train lines of Haarlemmermeer) that is still in use as train tracks.