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Update works on the tracks

The works on the tracks between Van Nijenrodeweg and Kalfjeslaan are all but finished and we can run trams there again. Be it at a low speed: this will be until next year, when we can fully finish it after everything has had time to settle. A bit further down, between Molenweg and Bovenkerk, some work is still needed before we can pass there safely too. This will be done once our contractor has returned from vacation. (01-08-2020)

Monument status for museum rail track

Due to its cultural-historical value, the Amstelveen part of the museum rail track that runs between Bovenkerk in Amstelveen and the Haarlemmermeerstation in Amsterdam, has been designated as a municipal monument on 26 May 2020. The Heritage Commission had advised that the track is of great value as part of the Haarlemmermeer railway lines, built between 1912 and 1918. All station buildings, railway guard houses and service houses located in Amstelveen already had monumental status. A similar request is in process at the municipality of Amsterdam.

Work on the track

At this moment we′re working hard on the track between Van Nijenrodeweg and Kalfjeslaan: we′re replacing the original wooden sleepers by concrete ones. This will prevent instability of the track and keeps the rides safe. It will still be a tough job to get it all ready for the start of the riding season (5 April), but we′re doing our best. 03-03-2020

NBM 55 makes first test ride

After much hard work the moment is finally there: the NBM 55 trailer car is ready to be put on rails and to make a test ride. To mark the occasion, it is first put in train formation with the NBM 43, 20 and 402. After that, it goes on the museum tram line with the NBM 43 to make its first kilometres. A great and honourable moment for the builders! (13-01-2020)

New doors for the depot

The sliding doors of the ′brick barrack′, the part of our depot that houses many of our drivable trams, could not be closed safely anymore. That′s why we had new rolling doors installed, identical to those of our workshop on its right. Such investments are possible thanks to our Friends and Donors and the income from the rides that we make. You understand: we′re very grateful! (17-12-2019)

Friends and Donors Day 2019 successful

Saturday 30 November we had our annual Friends and Donors Day. About a hundred interested people were our guest and they could see our track team and the rail cleaner in action, watch the trams in the depot and a diorama, as well as make rides in the city and in the Viennese 3-car set on the line. It was a successful day, according to the feedback we got! (03-12-2019)