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A number of tram trucks have been returned after being shotblasted and coated in the required colour. Those truck are for NBM motorcar 12, NBM trailercar 55 and Vienese Motorcar 110 (spare). After some preparations, the truck for NBM 55 will be reunited with the car body. (5 Oct. 2019)

Special visitors

During our Amsterdam Day we didn′t only put all the Amsterdam gear out, we also had borrowed a GVB 11G and 14G tram. With those we shuttled until Koenenkade. This caused unusual images and the whole day we had lenses aimed at us. There were passengers that only came for that ride. Also we enjoyed it. (24-09-2019)

Renewed mast 75

Maintenance at the Museumtramlijn is not limited to the trams and rails, also the overhead lines need work. This is why, recently, ′mast 75′ was partially renewed. It took two Saturdays of hard work for our team and a contractor, but now it is in a perfect state again. (19-09-2019)

First ever: bridge tram

For the first time, on 14 July there was a bridge tournament in a moving tram: at the Museumtramlijn. The moving location was in between two static locations at both ends of the line. In the tram, there were two tables that allowed bidding and playing in the same comfortable way as anywhere else. Eventually, the winners of the Consolation Prize went home with another free tram ride of their choice. (15-07-2019)

401 outside again

Our 401 has been inside for a long time. It needed a lot of work: new bearings, new wheelbands, and more. But now the body is on the truck again, and the truck sits on the wheels. Today it rolled outside for the first time and it could enjoy the sunshine. Now we must do all the other jobs and then it can go into service again. (24-06-2019)

Special passengers

It happens more often, but we don′t always have a chance to take a photo. However, these special passengers really wanted to have their picture taken. They came all the way from the USA for a bi-annual conference and chose us to arrive in style. It was a pleasure to make that happen. (08-06-2019)

GVB 1 ″Utrechtenaar″