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Half-way 2016 it was concluded that the so-called Wella bridge was in advanced stages of corrosion and in dire need of repairs. On January 17 therefore, the bridgde was lifted and taken to a construction firm to be shot blasted and then repaired. Some parts are expected to be replaced and the bridge should return by halway March. The track gang will then also replaced wooden slpeers by concrete ones and it is expected that the brdige will be fully accessible by the first Sunday of April, when the season starts.

GVB 665

We have developed an appetite for restoring articulated trams, after the successful completion of GVB 602 and more recently GVB 586. Now GVB 665 is undergoing the process of restoration and it will return in it′s most modern guise with blue and white. In this way we have all GVB colour combinations, as GVB 586 is in grey and white, while GVB 602 is in the yellow livery.

NBM 55 progress