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Testrun at the Ferdinand Bol street

At April 11th the new tracks of the Ferdinand Bolstreet were tested by a Combino and our vintagecar 307.
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tram recycling

We donated a surplus GVB trailer, number 816 to a cultural society. They were victim of an arsonist attack, who had set GVB 496 on fire, which is now scrap. We were happy to help and also facilitate room for the society to make a quick overhaul of their new asset before 816 was transported, last April 6th. Photo: Stephen van der Sluijs

Signs P7 now complete

To complete the signs to show that this tram is used for driving instructions, we manufactured a frame with the letter ″L″ in the bow collector. With passenger carrying trams this would normally indicate the routenumber. Photo: R. Den Hartog

Renovated bridge returned