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20 507
RET 507 and NBM 20 in Amstelveen

Line 30

Sundays: rides to Amstelveen

route line 30

Every Sunday in the ride season (plus Easter Monday and Pentecost Monday) we take you from Haarlemmermeerstation to Amstelveen and back: line 30.

Line 30 southbound

Haarlemmermeerstation D11.0011.302x per hour17.00
Remise Karperweg D11.0111.3117.01
Jan Wilsbrug D11.0311.3317.03
IJsbaanpad D11.0511.3517.05
Zuiderhof (Jollenpad) D11.0811.3817.08
Koenenkade D11.1011.4017.10
Van Nijenrodeweg D11.1211.4217.12
Kalfjeslaan D11.1511.4517.15
Amsterdamseweg D11.1911.4917.19
Karselaan D11.2111.5117.21
Molenweg D11.2211.5217.22
Parklaan A11.2511.5517.25

Lijn 30 northbound

Parklaan D11.3512.052x per hour17.35
Molenweg D11.3612.0617.36
Karselaan D11.3812.0817.38
Amsterdamseweg D11.4012.1017.40
Kalfjeslaan D11.4612.1617.46
Van Nijenrodeweg D11.4912.1917.49
Koenenkade D11.5112.2117.51
Zuiderhof (Jollenpad) D11.5312.2317.53
IJsbaanpad D11.5412.2417.54
Jan Wilsbrug D11.5712.2717.57
Remise Karperweg D11.5912.2917.59
Haarlemmermeerstation A12.0012.3018.00
(schedule subject to change)

Along the way you can get on or off at, amongst others, Olympic Stadion (stop Jan Wilsbrug), visitors centre Amsterdamse Bos and Bosbaan (stop Van Nijenrodeweg), alternative entrance Amsterdamse Bos (stops Koenenkade, Kalfjeslaan, Amsterdamseweg, Karselaan).


Type of ticketfull farereduced 1
Museumtramlijn 30 r.t.€ 7.50€ 5.00
Museumtramlijn 30 o.w.€ 5.00€ 3.00
Day ticket2€ 14.00€ 9.00
Season ticket3€ 50.00€ 25.00
(Fares 2022)
  1. Reduced fare is for children aged 4-11, adults 65+, holders Stadspas Amsterdam and holders Amstelveenpas. Tell the conductor that you need a reduced fare ticket. Also for your dog you need a reduced fare ticket.
  2. Day tickets can only be purchased in the museum shop and are only valid on the stamped date.
  3. Season's tickets are valid for all Sunday rides on our Museumtramlijn and can be ordered at:
    Stichting EMA, Amstelveenseweg 264, 1075 XV Amsterdam, Subject: Jaarkaart.
    Please include a recent passport photo. You will be notified when the pass is available for collection.

Tickets are availabe in the tram against payment in cash or by card.


The more than 7 km (4.3 miles) long train track that our museum trams normally run on is the last remaining part of the Haarlemmermeerspoorlijnen (train lines of Haarlemmermeer) that is still in use as train tracks.

Due to the works for enhancement of the A9 highway, we temporarily don't run further than Parklaan.

Where is the tram?

On Sundays, here you can see the actual position of the trams on line 30.

  • Hover above the icon of the car (DW*) and you will see more information (in Dutch).
  • Click on the icon of a stop to see the next departure time.
  • Menu top left: choose here to see the map horizontally or vertically. 'Autofocus trams' on green means that with every screen refresh it is zoomed in on the most recently updated tram location.
  • Menu top right: choose here if you want to see the trams, stops, track or not.