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Events during season 2020

Because of the circumstances due to COVID-19, all events during our running season have been postponed until further notice. As soon as we can organize events again, you can read that here.



Enjoy our tram rides with a little extra...

A ride in one of our museum trams is an event by itself. And worth repeating. But in addition to our regular rides, we organise special ones every now and then. And on certain public holidays we have extra rides.

Every Mother's Day, mummy can travel almost for free. The same applies to daddy on Father's Day. Almost for free, because mummuy or daddy gets a free ticket if the kids show us their drawing especially made for mummy or daddy. And to be clear: also grandmother and grandfather are a mummy or daddy.


Saint Nicolas & Father Christmas

When Saint Nicolas is in the country, he will also visit us. If there are a lot of children interested in meeting him, he'll even come twice! With a special tram ride, his visit becomes extra exciting. And of course he brings something for the kids...


Now that we're talking about winter events: apart from riding the sled with reindeers, Father Christmas turns out to be able to drive a tram as well! Those who do not believe this, can come and see for themselves.
Hot chocolate, good soup, who doesn't like warm snacks in the winter cold? Around the new year we have all of that. No need to stay home because of the cold, because we'll be using a heated tram. We cannot predict snow, but we know for sure it will be a cozy ride.

All event dates and details can be found in the calendar on this page.

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