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11G tram 908 in original livery, photo R. den Hartog.

Farewell rides 11G en 12G

Electrische Museumtramlijn Amsterdam organizes farewell rides of the 11G and 12G trams.

On Saturday 18 September 2021, various 11G and 12G trams (some for the last time) will make public rides on the Amsterdam tram network.

Amongst others, the new museum trams 820 and 919 will be running together with some GVB cars. The start will be at 10 am at four end points of the Amsterdam tram network. You can choose from:

  • Station Sloterdijk
  • Diemen de Sniep
  • Osdorp de Aker
  • Azartplein

Because of the corona measures, the allocation of the trams will be by registration. Just boarding, or changing of tram car unfortunately will not be possible.

The programme includes various meets between the tram cars and also all tram cars will get to all mentioned starting points, be it in alternating order. So, tram car A starts at Sloterdijk, and then goes to Diemen, Aker and Azartplein, and will finish again at Sloterdijk. Tram car C starts in Diemen, goes to Aker, Azartplein, Sloterdijk and will finish again in Diemen. Etc. etc. for the other tram cars.

On top of that, during the rides and meets, there will be photo stops, but this is all dependent on normal tram traffic and eventualities. We will make this a nice farewell excursion. The rides will finish at about 3 pm, as said before at the starting locations. Leaving the excursion during the ride is of course always possible. We will try to stop at a location with toilets at about the middle of the excursion.

Costs of the excursion are € 11.12 per person. This amount is symbolic and will be spent on museum trams.

Registration can be done .

  • Because the number of seats available is limited, the order of registration will determine if a starting point is still available.
  • Standing passengers are not allowed and in the trams a mouth-nose mask is still compulsary because of the corona measures.
  • After your registration you will receive information about payment and if the starting point of your choice is still available.
  • Upon receipt of your payment, you will be sent your ticket.
So send mentioning your name, the choice of starting point, number of poeple (incl. the other names if more than one), phone number and your e-mail address.

We're looking forward to seeing you on Saterday 18 September 2021!

12G tram 820 in recent livery, photo W. van Beek.