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Spring fever

A busy day on our grounds at Karperweg, because the ride season is about to start. On one track, track ballast is loaded on the work tram wagons, so we can stabilize the track to Bovenkerk where needed. Next to it, concrete sleepers are being offloaded: these were not needed at ProRail anymore but surely are still useful for us. (23-3-2019)

New ears for our folding bow collectors

Due to metal fatigue, the folding bow collector of our Viennese tram 2614 could not be straigthened anymore. Spare parts were extinct. With a print of the original Siemens designs (thank to our Viennese colleagues) we went to Oosterveld Buigwerken. Under the eyes of about half the factory staff, they produced new ′ears′: the two bent parts that hold the scrape bar in between. Now we have two spare collectors and a new one for the 2614. Another piece of historic tram technology is now preserved. (12-02-2019)

EMA in Inventory Intangible Cultural Heritage

Thanks to Wijkraad Zuid-West Amsterdam, EMA has been listed in the Dutch Inventory Intangible Heritage. Knowledge base Inventory Intangible Heritage Netherlands implements the UNESCO convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Netherlands. It promotes and makes available intangible heritage, stimulates and professionalizes the sector, promotes participation and enhances knowledge. Photo left-to-right: Robert Logger, Jan Henk Peereboom (both Museum Tramline) and Simon Bornstein (Wijkraad Zuid-West Amsterdam). (15-01-2019)

GVB 586

Work continues, despite the Winter. Here we see popular GVB articulated 586, after having had its damaged pantograph replaced in the Havenstraat depot.

GVB 909

The blue-grey three axle car 909 has been in our workshop for some time to repair leaks in the roof. The roof consists of a steel frame, covered by planks and canvas that is sealed with a coating. The coating and canvas have deteriorated over time, so first thing is to remove the coating, which can be seen in the photo. (12-01-2019)

Our volunteers do the work!

Where would we be without our volunteers? If it′s not running the trams, then they′re working on them: maintenance, repairs and restaurations. Or they are active elsewhere in our organisation, because also we have jobs where you don′t get your hands dirty. Big cheers to all our volunteers for all the work they′ve done in 2018! (30-12-2018)

Busy Donors & Friends Day

The Donors & Friends Day on 29 December was packed. After a ride to Amstelveen on the 20, 352 and 4143, in the afternoon we went into the city and to Diemen on the 464+776 and 465+946. Interested in supporting us? Go to the Dutch donateurs page under ′Over ons′ and hit the e-mail link with a short request, so we can send you all the details in English. Then also you can participate next year. (29-12-2018)

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