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GVB 1 ″Utrechtenaar″

Time permitting, work is being carried out on GVB 1 (originally from Utrecht, hence the nickname). In the course of years, the balcony screens have severely corroded at the bottom, neccesitating repairs. The first screen has been replaced on April 13th. Safety glass will be placed at a later stage.

Back to the drawing board.

Many of our English-speaking followers are aware that the future of the Tramway museum is in the balance due to housing development plans. However, since we could not agree with the project commitee how a relocated tram depot suit our needs, the Tramway museum has taken the issue to the highest court. It delivered a verdict on March 27, 2019, stating that insufficient consideration in the building plans was taken to secure the future of the museum and it ruled that the building plans(500 homes & a primary school)are to be scrapped.We now aim to quickly come to a satisfactory agreement.

Spring fever

A busy day on our grounds at Karperweg, because the ride season is about to start. On one track, track ballast is loaded on the work tram wagons, so we can stabilize the track to Bovenkerk where needed. Next to it, concrete sleepers are being offloaded: these were not needed at ProRail anymore but surely are still useful for us. (23-3-2019)

New ears for our folding bow collectors