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Back after a long time: the PCC 1024

It took over a year, but the 1024 is running again! This PCC tram from The Hague was forced to stay in the depot because it′s not allowed in the city and could not run on the short bit of Haarlemmermeerspoorlijn - after all it′s a one-direction tram. With the sun as extra spotlight, it ran the first Sunday of November to Amstelveen-Bovenkerk and back, because the Museum Tramline is open again from start to finish! The Rotterdam 507 and the Amsterdam 464 completed the North-South-Holland trio. (04-11-2018)

The 352 from Prague rides again

It has been sleeping for years because it needed new bearings, but that has been fixed recently and now it has made its first rides: the 352 from Prague, built in 1915. Immediately, its smooth ride was noticed. And the passengers enjoyed the beautiful interior, that was made with two colours of wood. Because it has a steering stand on both ends, it is extra practical! (08-10-2018)

We′re passing the A10 again!

Just a few more weeks and season 2018 is over. But we managed: Saturday 6 October we passed the A10 ring road again and the day after with passengers. Although there′s still no current there, we could get our RET 507 by the underpass thanks to a flat wagon with a generator. The passengers had to connect at IJsbaanpad and again at the other end. But they only like it more, their reactions showed us. (08-10-2018)

European Heritage Days very successful

The weekend of 8 and 9 September, over 800 people visited our Haarlemmermeerstation and about 500 took a ride in a historic tram. Also many paid a visit to a display of trams with European roots, e.g. from Belgium, Germany and Austria. (10-09-2018)

GVB 1, former Utrecht tram

GVB 1, a former Utrecht tram, has been taken out of long-term storage for repairs and maintenance. The picture shows the balcony screen that has been taken off, as a result of corrosion on the screen and its supporting structures. The time to return this tram to traffic will depend on the amount of ″surprises″ that we may encounter. (12-08-2018)

Farewell tram lines 9, 10, 16